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Small, but huge!

The smallest Parlux ever, Parlux ELYSIUM® is the mini-hairdryer with the same performance as the “big ones”.

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Choose from 9 combinations

With 3 airflow levels and 3 different temperatures, you can choose from 9 combinations. Thanks to the ideal professional power of 2.300 watts combined with optimized temperatures you can achieve every desired effect on the hair. Furthermore, the hairdryer memorizes the last combination used simplifying your work.


Move yourself as you wish

Thanks to the patented system STC – Special Twisting Cable, the hairdryer cable spins endlessly together with you, without ever getting tangled, ensuring better handling and durability over time.


Make your style sparkle

Choose from 7 colors the one that best matches your salon.
Parlux ELYSIUM® comes with 2 nozzles, slim and narrow, and MagicCompact® diffuser .

Elysium Configurators
Choose your accessory
Choose your color
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Everything you want from a professional hairdryer 

Small, reliable, powerful. Parlux ELYSIUM® allows you to unleash your creativity with excellent professional performance.

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Quick and easy cleaning system

The washable and replaceable sponge filter ensures quick and easy maintenance, guaranteeing your mini-phon constant performance and reliability in use.


Mini design and construction excellence

The smallest of the Parlux family can guarantee, as per tradition, constructive excellence that leaves no room for compromises on results. The digital mini-engine offers the same performance as the "big ones".

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Scegli tra 9 combinazioni

I nuovi motori digitali offrono regolazioni precise e costanti. Con 3 livelli di flusso d’aria e 3 diverse temperature, puoi scegliere tra 9 combinazioni e ottenere ogni effetto desiderato sul capello. In più il phon memorizza l’ultima combinazione usata per semplificarti il lavoro.


Muoviti come vuoi

Grazie al sistema brevettato Twisting Cable, il cavo dell’asciugacapelli gira all’infinito, insieme a te, senza mai attorcigliarsi, assicurando una migliore maneggevolezza e durata nel tempo.

Complete with all accessories

The Parlux ELYSIUM® pack is complete with all the accessories: two nozzles (one slim and one narrow), which modify the air flow to obtain the style you are looking for, including the straightening effect; the MagicCompact® diffuser for natural drying of curly hair.

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Don't miss the launch of Parlux ELYSIUM®

If yours is one of those salons that likes to always be one step ahead, leave your email and you will be among the first to know the launch date of the Parlux mini-hairdryer.

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Professional hairdryers Parlux

We always work keeping in mind what your real needs are in the salon.

 Motore digitale 
Per un miglior controllo
di temperatura e flusso d’aria. 


 Potenza professionale 
Progettato pensando all’uso intensivo
e alla salute del parrucchiere. 


 Tecnologia agli ioni negativi 
AIR IONIZER TECH, per asciugature veloci
e capelli luminosi e morbidi.


Every Parlux is first and foremost reliable:
we can say this because our hairdryers are tested under stress conditions: they always pass the test!


Each Parlux is the result of meticulous research and development work:
to always improve performance in terms of power, air flow and temperature control.


Every Parlux takes your health into account:
balanced and designed not to damage the hairstylist’s wrists, shoulders and neck.




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